It all began on December 3rd, 2009 at Laporta’s Restaurant and Jazz Lounge.

Classical Revolution is a total grass roots, ad-hoc, ad-libitum response to the lack of free, accessible chamber music in the nation’s capital. Live popular music like the Rock, Jazz, Punk scenes overflow DC’s restaurants and bars, while Classical has been confined to concert halls and museums – no longer. Classical Revolution aims to bring this timeless art to local venues and to the broader public.

Classical Revolution is more than an ensemble. and more than a presenting organization. it is a global phenomenon, revolutionizing the way live classical music is programmed and heard. The idea which took shape in November of 2006 at Revolution Cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District is now represented in over a dozen cities on three continents. Classical Revolution presents an average of 15-20 performance events each month in the Bay Area alone. Each performance event is conceived and programmed uniquely to fit the needs of the environment.

Weekly events feature the “Chamber Jam”, a term we invented which describes the open-invitation reading sessions at Revolution and SoCha Cafes. These informal sessions are extremely popular with both audiences and musicians, creating an atmosphere where classical music can be enjoyed in a casual and hip environment.

Classical Revolution has been featured in various publications including San Francisco Classical Voice, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle, Sunset Magazine, SOMA Magazine, Strings Magazine, and The New York Times.
Classical Revolution is currently active in San Francisco, Portland, Reno, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Berlin, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, Melbourne, Banff, Cleveland, Belgrade, and DC.


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