March 2010

About 80 people turned up to Dinner Party last night at the Fridge Gallery DC to see 4 groups of performances in film/drama; modern dance; solo acting with life improv music on flute/bass cell; and improv belly dancing on live music by Gershwin on keyboard/violin.
Here are some Audiences’ Feedback on Classical Revolution Trio(Samantha Hegre on improv belly dancing; Parke Nicholson on violin; Hon-Cheong Chan on keyboard):

“She really looks like she was enjoying this – Big Smiles, Great Eye contact, very smooth moves. Ending on an upbeat number was a Nice Touch. Music was top notch”

“If someone described this to me it would sound like an awful combination but experiencing it – it made Perfect sense and was thoroughly Enjoyable”

“Juxtapositions (music vs. dance; formal vs sensual attire, etc) Gives a feeling of Improv & Freestyle that captures the attention of the viewer well – as if watching an event unFold Real-Time”

On March 16, CR DC Piano trio will be doing something really Bold and Experimental – Melding Classical/Jazz with Belly Dancing!! Performing 10-minute Porgy and Bess Suite by Gershwin/Heifez on Keyboard/Violin/Improv Belly Dancing by Samantha Hegre, Parke Nicholson & Hon-Cheong Chan. Come out and support free art by Classical Revolution DC Piano/Dance Trio.

Music: Summertime + Bess, You is My Woman Now + It Ain’t Necessarily So

Time: March 16, 8 – 10pm.

About: “The Dinner Party” – An evening of experimental dance, music and performance art that provides feedback to artists, $5.

Location: The Fridge DC. Rear Alley, 516 8th St SE (Across the street from Matchbox) Washington, DC 20003


Congratulations to the two winners of free Classical Revolution Demo CDs and “Intermezzi for Two (Piano/Violin)”, all performed by CR members. About 25 people turned out for a quiet and enjoyable evening to listen to live classical/jazz/contemporary chamber music. Our next event is on May 2nd!


Join the revolution on the first Sunday of every month starting April 4th at Laporta’s Restaurant! Performers to include members from Great Noise Ensemble, McLean Orchestra, and St. Charles String Quartet.


AJ Marini(violin)
Parke Nicholson(violin)
Anna Psitos(cello)
Annelisa Guries(viola)
Samantha Hegre(cello)
Hon-Cheong Chan(piano)
Anne Bernoux(flute)
Neil Puzon(violin)
Julie Kirkpatrick(cello)
Darlene Murphy(viola)

The Program:

1. Concerto Grosso, op 6, no. 4 (Corelli) Complete
2. Violin Sonata, Op. 78/I movement (Brahms)
3. Cello Sonata, Op. 38/I movement (Brahms)
4. Porgy and Bess Suite (Gershwin/Heifetz) “Summertime”, “Bess You is My Woman Now”, “It Ain’t Necessarily So”
5. Flute Sonata/I movement(Poulenc)
6. “Catherine Kelly’s Lake Effect” (Liz Carroll/Turtle Island String Quartet)
7. Piano Trio Op. 100/ II movement (Schubert)
8. American Quartet (Drovak) I, II movements

What: Classical Revolution DC 
:  April 4th, 2010, 6:30pm – 9pm
Where: Laporta’s Restaurant and Jazz Lounge
How to get there: 3 blocks from King Street Metro
Tips: Call 703.683.6313 to reserve a table and get yourself a front row seat
Why: Free Classical Revolution DC Disc (Jan 24th Event) door prize!!


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