December 2010

Come and enjoy free chamber music presented by Classical Revolution DC:

What: Classical Revolution DC – “Celebrating Mozart and Beethoven’s Birthday and more!”
When: Jan 9th, 2011, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Laporta’s Restaurant and Jazz Lounge
How to get there: 3 blocks from King Street Metro
Tips: Call 703.683.6313 to reserve a table and get yourself a front row seat and mention Classical Revolution DC.

Flute/Cello sonata #1 by J. S. Bach
Piano quartet no.1 W.A. Mozart
Oboe quartet by W.A. Mozart
Kreutzer sonata for violin/piano by L.V. Beethoven
Sonata for Cello/Piano(III movement) by S. Rachamninoff
Piano Trio no. 2 (II, III movements) by J. Brahms
Notturno, op21 Theme and Variations by  Wenzel Matiegka
Piano Quartet (I, II movements) by J. Turina
Standchen by F. Schubert
Beau Soir by C. Debussy
Eight Pieces by M. Bruch
Nocturne #3 in E minor for piano by L. Heinen
Nocturne for Oboe/Piano by L. Heinen

Chamber jam after 9pm! Bring your instruments and music to read any music with us!

Lili Liang, flute
Jeremy Bass, guitar
Darlene Murphy, viola
Nancy Sulfridge, clarinet
Jeff Kahan, oboe
Samantha Hegre, cello
Kat Walsh, viola
Neil Puzon, violin
Jennifer Murray, viola
Jonathan Stark, cello
Michael Relland, cello
Hon-Cheong Chan, piano
Raycurt Johnson, violin
Carl Banner, piano (Director of Washington Musica Viva)
David Rabin, cello
Lawrence Heinen(composer), piano
Michelle Carney, flute
Jeff Issokson, violinist

About 65 people came to hear various holiday classics at CRDC’s 1 year anniversary since Debut 12/5/2009.

Our next show is on January 9th 2011!

Enjoy the highlighted performances below –


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