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Our new regular location for CRDC at the heart of DuPont! Come play some music in the gorgeous music hall/lounge, and/or enjoy the sumptuous breakfast buffet of 50% for musicians from 10am to 1pm. Visit one of the 30 rooms full with memorabilia and collectibles and books.
Sign up here if you want to attend as an audience or musicians, all music welcomed and invite friends!


Come hear Rafaela Dreisin (Dir of Baltimore chapter) and Hon-Cheong Chan(DC chapter)share with the audience at Sidney Harman Hall, Sat 10/27/12 @3pm on what CR is about in our local chapters. I will focus on CR’s role in aiding social change both globally/locally; and Rafaela on the role of classical music through the eyes of this movement and challenges we face as performers in non traditional venues.
A performance by 12+ performers of both chapters, including a beat boxer will interpret the “Sarabande” from J.S. Bach’s 6th cello suite, arranged by Baltimore composer Scott Lee will follow our talk.
Sat @ 3pm @ 7th and E st NW
Tickets required to attend.

2012: Be Fearless | TEDxMidAtlantic 2012
When we stop worrying about what might go wrong, we discover what is truly possible. We celebrate the stories of the people who weren’t afraid to fail, who overcame the odds, and persisted when the outlook was bleak. Two full days, filled with stories, songs, and lessons learned — and the inspiratio…



A short video profile on Classical Revolution shot and produced by Paul Waters

Classical Revolution Documentary from Classical Revolution on Vimeo.

Check out regular CR events around the world

Mondays 8-11pm (new day!)
Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd Street, SF

Wednesday 8-1030pm
SoCha Cafe
3235 Mission Street, SF

Fourth Tuesdays 9pm (thru Nov)
Coda Supper Club
1710 Mission Street, SF

Sundays 930pm
Cafe Immer Gern
Dunckerstr. 10, Berlin GERMANY

Saturdays 7pm
Silvio’s Organic Pizza
715 North University Avenue, Ann Arbor

Second Mondays 9pm-midnight
Gallery Cabaret
2020 North Oakley Avenue, Chicago

First Sundays 6:30-9pm
LaPorta’s Restaurant
1600 Duke Street, Alexandria VA

Second Sundays 4-6pm
Random Tea Room
713 North 4th Street, Philadelphia PA

Facebook Groups
San Francisco http://bit.ly/ctPFwL
Ann Arbor http://bit.ly/cSC0Gs
Belgrade http://bit.ly/bQa6OZ
Berlin http://bit.ly/bZZv4W
Chicago http://bit.ly/6FsfRU
Cincinnati http://bit.ly/cS20dr
Cleveland http://bit.ly/aEOsMY
DC http://bit.ly/bwNHKY
Madison http://bit.ly/bxYOh1
Montreal http://bit.ly/b3ZCdB
New York http://bit.ly/czIn9z
Philadelphia http://bit.ly/aYuSW4
Portland http://bit.ly/4cn2MA
Toronto http://bit.ly/cXD95g

In development / under construction
Amsterdam http://bit.ly/d89hAa
Aspen http://bit.ly/du17xd
Atlanta http://bit.ly/aUbL0x
Banff http://bit.ly/daRNSP
Grand Rapids http://bit.ly/bujeM2
Los Angeles http://bit.ly/bNWdU6
Melbourne http://bit.ly/affs5t
Milwaukee http://bit.ly/bEhvg3
New England http://bit.ly/aPy3zS
Paris http://bit.ly/cFapHZ
Pittsburgh http://bit.ly/a43Juk
Phoenix http://bit.ly/aLfiPz
Reno http://bit.ly/bavz7B
Rochester http://bit.ly/bgMgYH
Sacramento http://bit.ly/cmXA5l
Seattle http://bit.ly/9XymK8
South Florida http://bit.ly/cVdggC
Twin Cities http://bit.ly/9DjB9Z
United Kingdom http://bit.ly/8X7659
Valencia SPAIN http://bit.ly/aERcfy
Vienna http://bit.ly/dflm4i


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