About 80 people turned up to Dinner Party last night at the Fridge Gallery DC to see 4 groups of performances in film/drama; modern dance; solo acting with life improv music on flute/bass cell; and improv belly dancing on live music by Gershwin on keyboard/violin.
Here are some Audiences’ Feedback on Classical Revolution Trio(Samantha Hegre on improv belly dancing; Parke Nicholson on violin; Hon-Cheong Chan on keyboard):

“She really looks like she was enjoying this – Big Smiles, Great Eye contact, very smooth moves. Ending on an upbeat number was a Nice Touch. Music was top notch”

“If someone described this to me it would sound like an awful combination but experiencing it – it made Perfect sense and was thoroughly Enjoyable”

“Juxtapositions (music vs. dance; formal vs sensual attire, etc) Gives a feeling of Improv & Freestyle that captures the attention of the viewer well – as if watching an event unFold Real-Time”

On March 16, CR DC Piano trio will be doing something really Bold and Experimental – Melding Classical/Jazz with Belly Dancing!! Performing 10-minute Porgy and Bess Suite by Gershwin/Heifez on Keyboard/Violin/Improv Belly Dancing by Samantha Hegre, Parke Nicholson & Hon-Cheong Chan. Come out and support free art by Classical Revolution DC Piano/Dance Trio.

Music: Summertime + Bess, You is My Woman Now + It Ain’t Necessarily So

Time: March 16, 8 – 10pm.

About: “The Dinner Party” – An evening of experimental dance, music and performance art that provides feedback to artists, $5.

Location: The Fridge DC. Rear Alley, 516 8th St SE (Across the street from Matchbox) Washington, DC 20003

URL: http://thefridgedc.com/calendar/icalrepeat.detail/2010/03/16/239/-/Mzc3YzRmMzZkZDg3MDdhOTAwOWQxNDdlNTNjZjljYTI=.html